A Day in the Life of a Cashless Man

Vikram, a software engineer, lives in Bengaluru and has been living cashless for over a year.

Vikram has spent many an evening evangelising to his friends about the joys of cashless — no more ATM queues, no worries about losing your money, and deals and cash back offers galore.

Vikram estimates he earns at least 500 bucks a month in cashback and points. That’s almost half a days work!

Whilst his friends spent the last 2 weeks queuing outside banks and ATMs to get cash, worrying about how they would pay their bills and pay for groceries, Vikram was chilling, safe in the knowledge he could survive on only digital money.

How does a cashless day look?

Vikram wakes up and checks his new OnePlus phone — he bought this on Overcart last week using ZestMoney, paying only a Rs. 99 upfront payment with his debit card. The remaining payments will be debited automatically from his bank account or the next 6 months, stress free.

Payment apps make life pain free

His favourite payments app reminds him his electricity bill is due today, he hits a few buttons, enters an OTP, and it’s paid immediately from his wallet.

On the way into office, Vikram stops to pick up some sweets for the team — they closed a big project yesterday and he wants to celebrate. The shop he goes to accepts cards on purchases over Rs. 100 but on the way out he shows them one of his payment apps and encourages them to start accepting it.

In office, continuing the celebrations — pizza is ordered by one of his team mates. Everyone pulls out their wallets to pitch in some cash but Vikram uses IMPS to instantly send his share.

His team mates can’t believe how quickly it happened, IMPS is faster than counting out notes.

At home that evening, his parents spend an hour discussing demonetization and how it has impacted their day to day life. Vikram explains he hasn’t used a single note since the ban. “But since when did you have to worry about buying vegetables and rice?” Vikram tries again to convince Mom to order groceries from the app he installed on her phone last week (they have even cheaper deals than the market) but realises this is one battle even he cannot win!

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