Are your customers suffering from loss of confidence?

The currency ban took everyone by surprise. Especially your customers. What will it take to make them return to normal shopping patterns?

Your customers had a challenging couple of weeks as they tried to adapt their lives and cope with limited cash. But as the dust settles, why have they not come back to shop? What is holding them back from making online purchases?

If a segment of your customers, rely on cash in their day to day life, it’s very likely they are struggling with the uncertainty of the current situation and are feeling a loss of confidence. They will postpone large purchases for a few weeks or months whilst they try to work out what the currency ban means for them.

But how can you continue to reach your growth targets during this time?

One solution is to offer a “buy now but pay later” solution. This will give your customers confidence by reducing the upfront payment burden on them.

Enable delayed payment collection

Help your customers get through these challenging times with minimal burden on their finances.

ZestMoney is the market leader in this space and has the simplest product for you and your customers.

By paying just a small upfront payment, they can split the cost of a transaction over the next few months with an easy auto-debit from their bank accounts. Set up takes minutes and they receive approval in seconds. ZestMoney settles with you upfront, then handles collections from the customer, saving you from any credit risk.

Customers will reward you with larger transactions and reduced cart abandonment. You will see your loyalty soar as customers recognise that you helped them during this challenging time.

Integration takes a day or less and the ZestMoney team are on hand to provide full support to you and your customers at this challenging time.

To know more — visit ZestMoney or contact

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