Go cashless today — the smart way

Shocked to learn your Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes are not legal tender any more?

Concerned your favourite e-commerce companies are saying “No COD”?

If you had an online purchase in mind and are worried about how you will pay — don’t worry — now is the time to go cashless. The smart way — without hurting your bank balance.

What does this mean?

New payment options are now available on many of your favourite e-commerce sites, that let you “shop now and pay later” without having to fork out cash immediately. Usually they ask for a small down-payment which you can pay through any method, then the remainder is deducted automatically from your bank account hassle-free every month.

No more rushing around to find cash when the delivery arrives.

Because they let you pay over your time frame, your bank balance isn’t impacted on day 1 and you can relax in the knowledge you are earning while you are paying.

ZestMoney — the smartest way to go cashless

ZestMoney is the leading company in this space, and has partnered with the widest set of e-commerce players to enable you to shop electronics, jewellery, fashion and more.

ZestMoney has a completely digital process and it takes a few minutes to create an account…much easier than going to the bank to exchange your notes.

ZestMoney also has a very flexible repayment policy — you can repay any time without penalty, so if you only need the cashless option for a short period, you won’t be penalised.

Check out http://zestmoney.in/howitworks/ to learn more.

Join the #GoCashless revolution today.

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