How to beat your sales goals this festive season

Boost your sales with ZestMoney

October is the month that causes excitement and anticipation as much as as fear and panic for all of us working in e-commerce. We all know this can be the biggest opportunity of the year, but also the greatest disaster, if sales fall short or operations break down.

The festive season is critical, not just because it gives you a major transaction boost, but its also a time to differentiate your brand, acquire a new customer cohort and boost retention and loyalty amongst your regular customers.

But with everyone competing on deals and offers — how can you stand out?

The first step towards making the best out of the season is understanding what your customer really wants.

Of course, customers love discounts and incentives…Who doesn’t? But there other ways to create the same buzz without slashing margin.

Learning from our customer and merchant experiences, we know that, apart from the obvious discounts, convenient and affordable EMI options are what a huge majority of shoppers are looking for whilst shopping online.

Affordability is everything these days

Providing eye-popping discounts and offers is certainly a great way of getting customers to visit your store but equally disappointing if they leave without completing the purchase because they still couldn’t afford it. Afforable, simple EMI solutions help you retain these customers and reduce cart abandonment significantly.

And in the offline world…EMI is Booming

If you need a proof point — just look at what the offline guys are doing to attract shoppers this festive season. Walk into any mall today, and EMI offers will be thrust in your face. The same shopper is then coming on-line, frustrated at the lack of similar options.

Capture the customers on-line wallet with Cardless EMI

Adding ZestMoney as a payment method

Adding a fast and simple Cardless EMI option could attract a whole new segment of customers who traditionally save their high ticket purchases for offline.

It can also help you boost transaction sizes, bringing maximum sales for your business. For instance, a customer with a budget for a basic smartphone could end up purchasing an iPhone if an easy EMI solution was available.

ZestMoney drives shoppers to add more items to their cart since high value items now seem affordable and light on pockets, significantly increasing average order value for businesses.

On-line Cardless EMI is now easy — with ZestMoney

ZestMoney provides an instant online EMI for your customers, at the checkout, within a few minutes, in a simple and transparent way. ZestMoney Cardless EMI can help you target customer Pan-India with our completely digital process opening you to widest customer base.

Understanding your customers is important all year round, but it is critical during the festive season. Cardless EMI can be a way to win them this month but keep them loyal, for longer by achieving long term loyalty and retention.

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